How to make Koshari - Egyptian Recipes

How to make Koshari – Egyptian Recipes

The Egyptian Koshari is a vegetarian and healthy dish. Although it requires more ingredients than other vegetarian dishes, it is mouthwatering and enjoyed throughout Egypt and other Middle Eastern countries. Let us discuss how to make this dish in your home. Read on!


  • Two large onions
  • Three garlic
  • Four tomatoes
  • One pinch of sweet paprika
  • One tablespoon of vinegar
  • 100 grams of rice
  • 80 gr of noodles
  • 100 g of chickpeas
  • 100 grams of lentils
  • One chili pepper
  • Salt
  • Olive oil
  • Crispy fried onion


  1. Start this delicious Koshari by preparing the vegetable base
  2. Peel and cut the garlic and onion very finely
  3. Make sure the ingredients melt into a sauce with incredible flavors
  4. Sauté the garlic and onion with a bit of oil
  5. Let them cook for a few minutes
  6. Put salt, paprika, and a splash of vinegar
  7. Now, cook the noodles separately
  8. Cook the dish with chickpeas and lentils
  9. Put the rice, the noodles, and the legumes into the sauce
  10. Remove from heat and serve hot.
  11. Serve it with fried onion
  12. Enjoy the delicious food