Top 10 bucket list items to do in Morocco

Hundreds of thousands of people visit Morocco every month to relish its picturesque scenery, cultural vibes, and delicious cuisines. Learn More!

10 bucket list items to do in Morocco

Located in North Africa, Morocco is a country with sandy beaches, diverse landscapes, and rich culture. The country has friendly people who follow the traditional Arab and Berber culture. Visiting Morocco with your family or friends will create memories.

The traditional cuisine, mosques, markets, and streets of Morocco attract travelers from all over the world. Although there are numerous places to see and things to enjoy in Morocco, nothing will mesmerize and amuse you more than the following ones.

1.    Camel Trekking

Climb into the saddle of a camel and experience an incredible desert expedition with a glimpse into the ancient nomadic world of Morocco. One of the largest and hottest deserts in the world, your Sahara adventure will bring you into contact with the desert and witness the natural wonders and rugged terrain.

In addition, you will venture into the Sahara Desert, the largest and hottest desert in the world, visiting different villages and mountains. You can even join some tours and live like a Moroccan for a day.

Camels are generally friendly but can defend themselves if mistreated. Be nice to the camels you ride and be friendly to them. The activity is probably one of the best things to do in Morocco.

2.    Climbing and hiking

Travelers who get their adrenaline pumping will love the challenge of the burnt orange, dark pink, and light gray walls of the Todra Gorge. Those who prefer to keep both feet on the ground can also hike the gorge. It rises 300 meters above the narrow valley, and the clear river adds to the beauty.

3.    Take a cooking class

For those visiting Morocco for the first time, the experience of tasting delicious and spicy dishes can be a bit overwhelming. However, you can make the most of it by taking a cooking class here and learning the different ways to cook Moroccan style.

It sounds like fun. To keep up with the latest trends, the best trainers take you to the market to buy fresh ingredients and teach you how to prepare them authentically, with better knowledge in the future.

4.    Bathing in a Moroccan hammam

The hammam is a Moroccan bath, which usually takes place every week. In a hammam, several things are done. You are given a bucket full of mats, black soap, and exfoliating gloves. You will then be taken to a large hammam with other people to clean your body.

5.    Souks in Morocco

The souks, also known as the markets, are especially busy with tourists and locals and are colorful in African Morocco. Vendors sell all sorts of souvenirs, including Aladdin lamps, colorful fabrics, and perfumes. Moroccan spices and carpets look like they came out of a magic movie are also sold as souvenirs, but make sure you stay careful when negotiating with the vendors.

6.    Try Traditional Moroccan Cuisine

Moroccan cuisine is a blend of Arabic, Andalusian and Mediterranean gastronomy with European influence. It is very colorful and rich in flavor. In a traditional Moroccan restaurant, you can enjoy these flavors and the warm hospitality of the Moroccan people. The food is delicious and will satisfy your sweet and savory tooth.

7.    Chez Ali’s fancy show

One of the best things to do in Morocco is to visit the Chez Ali fantasy show. Celebrate in the exhilarating atmosphere of Chez Ali Fantasy with belly dancing, fire-eaters, flying carpets, magicians, and popular entertainment. Don’t forget to try mint tea and pastries.

8.    Go surfing

The country’s Atlantic coast is a surfer’s dream, offering an exciting experience. The best place is the small fishing village of Taghazou, a few kilometers from Agadir. If you are a beginner and don’t have much surfing experience, Essaouira is the ideal place to get away from the enormous waves.

9.    Exploration of the Friouato cave

The caves are located between the Rif Mountains and the Middle Atlas Mountains. It is easily accessible from the city of Taza, in northern Morocco. The journey to this cave can be challenging due to the mountainous terrain, but Morocco’s breathtaking scenery and surroundings make it a must-see. The cave is about 270 kilometers deep.

10. Explore the blue city of Chefchaouen

The 15th-century village of Chefchaouen is one of the most picturesque places in Morocco, with its blue houses and buildings. Chefchaouen is a beautiful blue village surrounded by the greenery of the Rif Mountains. There are many reasons why the locals have painted the walls of this town blue, but there is no denying that the effect is striking and picturesque.

Final words

Morocco is rich in history art and is a plethora of scenic sights all around the country. The vibe you experience there is unmatched. You will be lost in its beauty and completely immerse your mind and soul, forgetting the worries of life. Until next time!

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Top 10 Beaches to Visit in Morocco

Are you planning to visit Morocco soon and looking for a list of the best beaches to visit? If yes, read this article and learn about the top ten beaches!

Beaches to Visit in Morocco

Although North African beaches are picturesque and pleasant, beach life in Morocco is matchless, thanks to the scenic beauty you won’t experience anywhere else. Morocco is full of gorgeous beaches with stunning views and world-class resorts, attracting Europeans for a minimalistic yet mesmerizing summer sun-and-sand break. So, without further ado, let us give you a list of the top ten beaches you must visit in Morocco. Read on!

1.    Mirleft Beach

Mirleft is a famous beach, offering outdoor activities to enjoy with your family and friends. From sun-soaked lounging, sea fishing, paragliding, jet skiing, and swimming sand stretching, Mirleft Beach offers something to everyone.

The beach has world-class guesthouses, small resorts, and boutique hotels with excellent amenities. So, if you want to create a one-of-a-kind experience in Morocco, visiting Mirleft Beach is a perfect option.

2.    Agadir Beach

Agadir Beach is a gorgeous stretch of white sands with a golden touch and tall palm trees. Walking on the Agadir Beach walkway will soothe your heart and calm your mind. The beach is located on the Atlantic coast of Morocco’s most modern city. Thousands of people visit Agadir Beach to unwind, relax, and have a splendid picnic with their loved ones. It also has a playground for kids.

3.    Essaouira Beach

The Essaouira beach is a perfect spot for beachgoers in Morocco, boasting a pleasant environment, thanks to the fresh, calm high winds and white-golden sand. Although the place is not suitable for sun-soothing vacations, it is perfect for watersports, including kitesurfing and windsurfing.

4.    Oualidia Beach

Oualidia Beach is a perfect spot for swimmers, including children, looking to get into the freshwater. You can rent kayaks, paddleboards, and other equipment from watersports operators on the beach. You can also soak up in the sun or surf in the scenic water. Visiting Oualidia Beach in the evening is perfect for watching the sunset.

5.    Legzira Beach

Legzira Beach is about ten kilometers from the Old Spanish Sahara port in Sidi Ifni. Hundreds of locals and tourists head to the Legzira beach every day to enjoy the peaceful scenery, crashing water, and white-golden sand, creating a dramatically and magically enjoyable experience. Don’t forget to watch the sunset and take photos to create memories.

6.    Moulay Bousselham

Moulay Bousselham is a perfect summer destination for tourists. If you want to escape the bustling city and soothe your mind in peacefulness, nothing is better than sun lounging or swimming in the sea. However, the coast has powerful riptides, meaning if you are not a good swimmer, it is wise to avoid getting into the water.

7.    Achakar Beach

Achakar Beach is 15 kilometers drive from Tangier, a bustling town in Morocco. The beach is a sandy strip with picturesque views and scenic beauty, allowing families and couples to spend a perfect day in peacefulness.

In addition to picnics, you can explore the historic attractions near Achakar Beach. It has a beachfront café that offers delectable food and drinks. We recommend bringing your supplies to get the most out of your visit to Achakar Beach.

8.    Asilah Beach

Asilah Beach is a perfect spot for budget travelers, offering plenty of outdoor activities, including jet-skiing, surfing, and other watersports with equipment available on-site at the most affordable rates. Asilah beach provides tourists with a perfect opportunity to relish the scenic beauty and cultural sightseeing. The long curve of sand that fronts the old town’s walls directly creates a magical view.

9.    Martil Beach

Martil Beach is famous for locals and tourists, allowing them to explore the Rif Mountains area and enjoy the sandy strolls while breathing in the fresh sea breeze. Swimming in Martil Beach is perfect for people of all ages and skill levels. You can also have a memorable picnic at the beachside.

10. Saidia Beach

Saidia Beach attracts hundreds of tourists every day to enjoy the picturesque views and magical sunrise and sunset. One reason that drives people to Saidia Beach is high-quality services and facilities, including loungers and sunshades for hire. Numerous watersports operators rent jet skis and kayaks.

Final Words

Morocco is a beautiful country, boasting dozens of beaches that offer unique experiences to locals and foreigners alike. However, if you want to experience natural beauty, calmness, peace, tranquility, quality time with your family, or watersports, head to any of these ten beaches to make your dream come true. Until Next Time!

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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Best Spots to Watch the Sunset in Morocco

Watching the sunset in Morocco is a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing locals and tourists to immerse in the beauty of changing sky colors during dusk!

Morocco has the most beautiful landscapes in Northern Africa, with breathtaking views that look gorgeous during sunset. Although the lighting is better during the winter season because the sun sits lower in the sky, you can enjoy the picturesque sunset views at any time of year.

Watching sunsets in Morocco will evoke positive emotions and drive romantic feelings in couples. There are hundreds of spots to create magical moments and relish the beautiful sunrise and sunset. However, the best spots to watch the sunset in Morocco are as follows. Read on!

The Spanish Mosque

The Spanish Mosque is one of the beautiful spots to watch the sunset. The place offers scenic and panoramic views of the entire Chefchaouen city. The sunset spot in the Spanish Mosque you can’t miss. The Mosque welcomes non-Muslims to explore the architecture and watch the sunset.

We recommend going around one hour before the sunset to create memories because the place is crowded with locals and tourists to enjoy the magical moment. Besides, you can walk to the hillside to avoid the crowds and capture beautiful photos.

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is the most popular place to visit in Morocco, especially for an overnight stay. The desert has various camps to spend the night underneath the clear sky with beautiful, countless starts.

However, there is nothing quite like watching the sunset in the Sahara desert. Indeed, it will create fantastic experiences, especially when you have talked and dreamt about the sunset for days.

We recommend taking guided tours to enjoy the most convenient and comfortable trip. Sahara desert is a perfect place to watch the dramatic sunset with your friends and loved ones.

Menara GardensBest Spots to Watch the Sunset in Morocco

Menara Gardens are another place to watch the scenic sunset with your loved ones. It is a perfect spot for romantic couples to watch the orange and yellow blend in the sky. In addition to the sunset watching, you will love the centuries-old olive trees in the Menara Gardens to refresh your mind and soothe your heart.

The surrounding Atlas Mountains create a perfect backdrop, especially for Instagram lovers to take photos or capture videos. Moreover, the swimming pool and lush green spaces will soothe your mind and make you feel like a part of the gorgeous painting. Menara Gardens attract hundreds of locals and tourists every day.

The Marinid Tombs

The Marinid Tombs is another beautiful place to relish the picturesque sunset. Although the Marinid Toms are ruins, hiking up the hill to enjoy the scenic beauty and panoramic view of the Fez City creates memorable experiences.

The view from the hill above the medina creates enigmatic and enjoyable sunset. The Marinid Tombs are the best place for couples and friends to watch the sunset over the Fez medina, creating magical moments when watching the sun over the horizon. You will love the sky changing different colors.

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is the second-largest religious place in the world, built-in 1993. Although the Mosque does not have a significant history, people come here to relish the design, architecture, and grandness.

In addition, it has a 200 meters high minaret and 200 hectares of the prayer hall. The good news is that non-Muslims can visit the place and take a guided tour to explore the outdoor area. Many people come to this Mosque to watch the incredible sunset. Keep in mind that Non-Muslims can’t explore the Mosque’s interior.

Final Words

Morocco is one of the most visited countries in North Africa, with deserts, mountains, colorful bazaars, vibrant culture, oriental scents, camping grounds, sand dunes, and warm sunsets. Morocco offers something to everyone, including couples, families, children, and older adults. People of all ages and walks of life visit the country.

In addition to sunrise and sunset, Morocco has beautiful lush green valleys and forests. So, when you watch the sunset from the top of the mountain with green valleys in the base, you will love the experience. Watching the sunset in these places immerse you in the natural beauty, creating memorable experiences.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.