How to discover Morocco on a budget

How to discover Morocco on a budget [Updated]

How To Discover Morocco On A Budget (Complete Guide)

Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in North Africa, with diverse cultures, mesmerizing landscapes, lush green fields, desert environments, high Atlas Mountains, traditional riads, majestic mosques, picturesque beaches, and fabulous buildings.

Although Morocco is a dream destination for tourists, you can lose money if you fail to spend wisely. On the other hand, if you are on a budget and still want to make the most out of your trip to Morocco, we recommend considering the following tips to discover your favorite destination in North Africa. Read on!

Travel In Low Season

It would help if you chose to travel in the low season because the tourist demand is lower, the lodgings will have a lower rate per night, and you will even have more cheap options.

Think carefully about what destination you want to travel to in Morocco because some cities require a larger budget. Start planning at least seven months in advance for your plane ticket, lodging, and more.

Moreover, consider taking local transportation instead of renting a car. Morocco has an extensive network of public buses that will allow you to navigate the country in a more economical way, especially if you are traveling alone or with a group of friends. Local Transportation in Morocco is also very comfortable.

Pack Light

Traveling with little luggage means you can travel cheaper, as airlines charge for more than ten kilos for luggage. Backpacking to any destination in Morocco will help you move faster and be more comfortable.

Therefore, it is crucial to pack wisely to save money on airline luggage charges. Remember, packing light does not mean bringing 2-3 shirts and pants. Perform thorough research to determine what clothes you need for Morocco.Moreover, try to pick items that match multiple outfits to save space and travel with fewer bags.

How to discover Morocco on a budget [Updated]

Explore Moroccan Cities

In specific Moroccon destinations, you can rent a bike and explore the whole city. Walking the town will not be such a bad idea, but if you choose a big city, you may need to take the metro or a tram.

The metro is one of the cheapest ways to move around the cities, allowing you to discover more places. Moreover, you can take a free walking tour with local guides. To travel with little money, make your itinerary and see the distance; so you will realize how much you need to use transportation. Some companies in Morocco usually have discounts if you travel for a few days.

Find Hotel Discounts

Hotels are one of the most discounted places on earth. On a daily basis, new hotels and accommodations come up with special offers and discounts. Do your research and check the websites of all-inclusive hotels, as they offer good deals for a complete vacation.Moreover, you can contact the hotels directly to inquire about their special offers or discounts. You’ll be surprised how many of them are willing to offer great discounts for a longer stay.

Without a doubt, you should choose cheap accommodation when traveling with little money, but don’t worry, and there are thousands of alternatives. Some hostels can cost cheap a night, in a room with 2 or 3 beds.However, if you think of an extended stay, you can stay on local roads. There are many Hotels, mean that there are more discounts on each hotel. So, it is better to leverage the discounts and save money. That way, you can stay for a prolonged period. Believe me, going to hotels within your budget makes you more relaxed during the whole trip and helps you enjoy it well.

Create A Food Budget

Traveling cheap does not mean starvation or not eating. To travel with little money, you need to organize your food budget. Budgeting for food does not mean eating bad food. It only means eating good but less expensive food so you can enjoy your little budget trip more. If you stay four days in Morocco, you can look for a hotel with breakfast.

Fortunately, there are discount supermarkets in Morocco where you can eat for an affordable price. You can pack a lunch and have a picnic anywhere in the diverse landscapes of Morocco.

Moreover, you should look for cafes and restaurants that offer discounts.

That way, you can save money on food while still enjoying a great meal. This is also a great way to stay more days with a little budget in Morocco. Finally, when it comes to drinks, try buying bottled water and drinks at discount supermarkets. Also, try local juices and drinks to save money on beverages.

Explore Affordable Attractions

In Morocco, there are free museums and tourist attractions, or there is the possibility of going free on some days. For example, in Marrakech, you can go for free after 5:00 PM or on the first Sunday of each month. Try to make a new friend who can show you the city and some local areas.

Libraries are also perfect places to visit and learn more about the culture of Morocco without spending any money.

Moreover, explore local markets and street vendors to get a sense of the traditional culture. That way, you can find souvenirs at an affordable price.

Always look for discount coupons on tourist attractions and activities so you can save money while having fun. That way, you will be able to travel to Morocco with little money and no stress.

If you are a student, bring your card to receive more discounts. Keep in mind that several cities have free walks to know the most important attractions. Remember, cheap travel is possible in Morocco.

Therefore, you need to research and plan your trip well. With little money, you can make the most of your visit to Morocco and explore its culture in a comprehensive way.

How to discover Morocco on a budget [Updated]

Avoid Overspending In Souks

If your budget is limited, you do not need to buy souvenirs or gifts to remember that trip. The photographs and experiences make your trip and will make you remember it forever.But, if you want to take something to your partner or family, avoid buying at airports, museums, tourist places, and souks, as prices are usually higher. They will cost double the real price of the product. Therefore, it is crucial to stick to your budget and avoid unnecessary purchases in Morocco.

However, It is wise to avoid buying items in souks if you don’t know the real prices. It is easy to overspend in Morocco’s souks. Therefore, you need to set a budget and stick to it.

Finally, you can save money in souvenir shops by negotiating. That way, you can get great deals and save money on your Morocco trip.

Final Words

Traveling cheaply in Morocco is possible if you have time to organize and thus accommodate your finances and fly to your favorite destination in North Africa. With a bit of research and planning, you can save money on food, accommodation, and transportation.

Additionally, be sure to bargain when buying souvenirs and avoid overspending in souks. The tips and tricks given above are based on our personal experience, and they work well for everyone. Keep reading the Africa Blog for more information on Morocco and other countries. Read on!


Is it affordable to travel to Morocco?

The answer to this question is yes; travel to Morocco can be quite affordable. The country has a wide variety of accommodation options ranging from hostels and guesthouses to luxury resorts, so you can easily find something within your budget.

What is the cheapest month to go to Morocco?

January is the most affordable month to go to Morocco. June and July are regarded as the high season. To see the newest Morocco flight fares, enter your favorite departure airport and travel dates in the search box above.

What is Morocco famous for?

Morocco is referred to as “The Arab West” because of its distinctively rich culture, which is based on religion and tradition, and its wealth of beaches, mountains, hills, and deserts.

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