The Best Walking Trails in Morocco

Are you exploring Morocco? If yes, don’t forget the best walking trails in the country with scenic beauty and gorgeous views. Read more in this article!

Walking offers a wide range of health benefits, such as increased pulmonary and cardiovascular fitness, reduced risk of stroke and heart disease, balanced blood pressure levels, strengthened muscles, and range of motion.

In addition to the health benefits, walking trails in Morocco offer picturesque views and adrenaline-fueled adventure. If you want an unforgettable trip in beautiful Morocco, don’t forget to walk on the scenic routes or trails.

That way, you will see plenty of gorgeous and scenic natural beauty in the outdoor regions. Morocco blends deserts, mountains, and lush green landscapes, making it a country with a diverse geography. So, what are the best walking trails in Morocco?

The Ait Bougmez valleyThe Best Walking Trails in Morocco

The Ait Bougmez valley, also known as the happy valley, offers plenty of walking trails through beautiful villages and fields. Depending on your needs, you will love the shorter and longer routes for walking, trekking, and hiking. The Ait Bougmez Valley offers something to everyone.

In addition, you can stay in the valley for a few days to know the local culture, enjoy the food, and explore historical sites. The Ait Bougmez Valley has several lodges and resorts, offering eco-tourism to visitors. Don’t forget to visit the Ait Boulli Valley and the Izourar Plateau near the Ait Bougmez Valley.

The Toubkal Walking Trail

The Toubkal Walking Trail is the most popular route in Morocco, attracting people from all over the country, thanks to the stunning views of Mount Toubkal, creating one-of-a-king and unique experiences.

In addition to the walking trail, the place has beautiful spots for trekking and other outdoor activities. The splendid natural beauty will immerse you, meaning you won’t want to leave the area and return to the city.

So, if you love to spend quality time in nature and participate in adventurous activities, such as brisk walking to get an adrenaline rush and face physical challenges, The Toubkal walking trail is your go-to place.

Eastern High Atlas Trails

Eastern High Atlas has several walking trails. When you depart from Imilchil and reach the eastern High Atlas, you will reach the Bougmez valley. You can go there by car, but we recommend taking a 10-day long walk and trek to reach the place.

Here, you will relish the Taghia Gorges, a place famous for walking, hiking, and climbing. Bear in mind that the routes are a mix of deep valleys, high-altitude Mountains, and inhabited villages. The people in this area are hospitable and won’t charge you even if you stay for a couple of days.

M’goun Walking Trail

M’goun walking trail is another best route for nature explorers and adventure enthusiasts. Many people come to this place to reach the summit of M’goun before exploring the Massif’s southern slope through the fantastic and scenic valleys of M’goun. You will end the walk at El Kelaa M’goun, also known as the valley of roses.

Moreover, we recommend taking a guided walking tour to get the most out of your trip. Several local agencies offer guided walking and trekking tours. So, you will enjoy the Moroccan hospitality, enjoy the food, and explore natural sites.

Sirwa Walking and Hiking TrailThe Best Walking Trails in Morocco

Sirwa walking trail lies in the Anti-Atlas Region, the southern part of Morocco. The Sirwa valley has many mountains and peaks, including the volcanic mountains that connect the High Atlas region with the Anti-Atlas region.

You can take the shorter trails or the long ones you can cover in 2-3 days. Ensure you have essential tools and equipment to get the most out of the trip. You will go through the fields of Berber valley and visit the picturesque city of Taliouine to relish the most flavorful local food.

Moreover, we recommend stopping in the villages to enjoy the local hospitality, including food, drinks, and tea with saffron. In addition to the scenic beauty, you can find mouthwatering and traditional meals.

Final Words

Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries in North Africa, offering a unique topography, diverse culture, delectable cuisine, numerous attractions, and scenic outdoor adventurous activities, such as walking, trekking, climbing, and hiking. Although there are hundreds of walking trails, nothing matches the ones above.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.