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10 Best Spots for Camping in Morocco

If you are looking for the best spots for camping in Morocco, look no further than the ones reviewed in this article. Here is everything you need to know!

Spots for Camping in Morocco

Camping in Morocco offers tourists a unique opportunity to enjoy the diverse landscapes and experience state-of-the-art campgrounds with world-class amenities. Every year, thousands of people from Europe, Asia, and North America visit Morocco to enjoy camping.

Morocco has the world’s best campgrounds in varied terrains, allowing you to explore the natural beauty and unwind in the wilderness. Going camping in Morocco with your loved ones enables you to travel autonomously and affordably. Here are the ten best spots for camping in Morocco.

1.    Erg Chebbi Camel Trek Camp

Erg Chebbi Camel Trek Camp is located 2.7 kilometers from Flamingo Birdwatching, featuring a garden, a shared kitchen, free Wi-Fi, and massage services. Although you can cook your own food, we recommend trying the campsite buffet breakfasts, continental lunch, and dinner to satisfy your taste buds. The camp also offers camel trekking services to guests.

2.    Sahara Tours Luxury Camp

Sahara Tours Luxury Camp is another best campground in Morocco. It is situated 3.4 kilometers from Camel Trekking Company and five kilometers from Flamingo Birdwatching in Merzouga. The camp offers state-of-the-art accommodation, a seating area, halal food, vegan food, and free Wi-Fi. It is a perfect place for camping with your family or kids.

3.    Camping L’Ocean Bleu10 Best Spots for Camping in Morocco

Camping L’Ocean Bleu is the most famous spot for camping enthusiasts on the Atlantic coastline. Not only will you visit the iconic Casablanca City, but you will also camp in the best campground on the seafront.

The camp is the epitome of seaside adventure, allowing you to enjoy the picturesque views, including the magical sunset. Camping L’Ocean Blue also offers state-of-the-art accommodation, food, and Wi-Fi services.

4.    Auberge Ait Oudinar

Auberge Ait Oudinar is an excellent campground near Marrakech, a perfect spot for adventure enthusiasts to explore the High Atlas Mountains. The place has numerous natural attractions, including the Ouzoud Waterfalls.

You can also test your muscles strength by heading to the trailheads in the High Atlas Mountains. Camping Auberge Ait Oudinar allows you to create memorable experiences. You will tell the story to your loved ones for years to come.

5.    Camp Sahara Holidays

Camp Sahara Holidays is a perfect spot for adventure lovers, offering garden views and the picturesque beauty of Mhamid. The camp has a restaurant, top-notch accommodation, including cabins and huts, a shared lounge, a terrace, and delectable food options. Connect with your loved ones back home via the free Wi-Fi service.

6.    Wassay Beach

Wassay Beach is another best spot for camping in Morocco. The campground is located in Sidi Ouassay near the Souss-Massa region. The waterfront campground offers scenic views of the crashing water and white sand. The food is mouthwatering.

7.    Loca Beach10 Best Spots for Camping in Morocco

Loca Beach is located in the Sous-Massa region. The campground is well-equipped with top-notch services and amenities, including huts, cabins, free Wi-Fi, a playground for children, free private parking, and a restaurant offering delectable food options. You can also explore the picturesque Azazoul Beach, a few minutes’ walk from the campground.

8.    Kasbah Desert Camp

In addition to the beachfront campgrounds, Morocco’s beauty lies in the desert, offering dozens of camps, including the Kasbah desert camp. It is located in Mhamid, featuring a garden, restaurant, continental breakfast, a sun terrace, and other amenities. You can also erect your own tent in the middle of the desert oasis.

9.    Camping l’Amazone in Saidia

Camping l’Amazone allows tourists to camp near the beautiful beachside of the Mediterranean seas. Camping in l’Amazone in Saidia creates a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing you to explore the border between Morocco and Algeria. The beach campground boasts golden sand, a peaceful environment, and a fresh, cool breeze. It is a perfect place to unwind and relax.

10. Camping Atlantica Imourane

Camping Atlantica Imourane is a perfect beachside location, attracting hundreds of nature-loving people and adventure enthusiasts to have fun participating in various outdoor activities. These include surfing, sailing, jet-skiing, bodyboarding, etc. The camp is located in Agadir, famous for crescent beach, golf courses, and seaside promenades.

Final Words

Morocco has a mild climate, pleasant weather, diverse culture, natural attractions, high mountains, and desert, making it a perfect camping destination for tourists coming from different countries. Not only can you pitch a tent or use an RV, but you can also use the quality accommodation offered by campgrounds.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 5 Markets you Must Visit in Morocco

Moroccan markets are the epitome of traditional shopping experiences for visitors and tourists. Here are the top five markets to visit!

Markets you Must Visit in Morocco

The primary reason people visit Morocco is the varied geography and diverse landscapes. Not only does Morocco has paradise-like beaches and desert dunes, but it also has majestic mountains and lush green valleys.

In addition, people from all over the world come to Morocco to visit the traditional and modern markets that offer state-of-the-art, quality, and affordable goods. Another reason to visit the country is that locals are the most tolerant Arab nation.

Berber and Arabian people living in the country are known for their friendly nature and warm hospitality. The country is peaceful, stable, and safe, welcoming tourists from different countries. Here are the top five markets you must go to in Morocco. Read on!

1.    Jemaa el-Fna SquareMoroccan markets are the epitome of traditional shopping experiences for visitors and tourists. Here are the top five markets to visit!

Jemaa el-Fna Square is one of the most famous markets in Morocco that becomes even more vibrant and lively at nighttime. It is the central square in the city with numerous shops, stores, and food stalls. You will love traditional dishes like tagine and snail soup. Jemaa el-Fna Square is also a hotspot for storytellers.

Keep in mind that storytelling is a centuries-old tradition practiced in Morocco. You can listen to stories on different subjects, including history, comedy, music, and long tales. It is a unique form of entertainment to enjoy in Jemma el-Fna Square. Besides, we recommend browsing and shopping for jewelry items, clothes, and fashion accessories at the most affordable prices.

  1. Performance Artists: Apart from storytellers, the square is teeming with various performance artists during the evening. You’ll see musicians, henna tattoo artists, and snake charmers, providing a unique and dynamic atmosphere.
  2. Cafes and Restaurants: Surrounding the square are numerous cafes and restaurants, many of which have terraces overlooking the bustling area below. It’s an ideal spot to enjoy a mint tea or a full meal while watching the vibrant life of the square unfold.
  3. Local Crafts: In addition to jewelry, clothes, and accessories, you’ll find a wide range of local crafts and artisan products. These include leather goods, pottery, lanterns, and spices, all of which reflect the craftsmanship and tradition of the region.
  4. Street Food: As you mentioned, the food stalls serve various delicious traditional dishes. You can try local delicacies and sweets, fresh juices, and much more. Each stall offers something different, allowing you to enjoy a culinary adventure.
  5. Safety: While Jemaa el-Fna Square is generally safe, it’s crucial for visitors to be aware of their surroundings and mindful of pickpockets, as it’s a busy area. Also, be prepared to negotiate prices, as bargaining is a common practice.

2.    Essaouira Fish Market

Essaouira Fish Market is an excellent place to breathe in the fresh air and relax after browsing the bustling Marrakech. Because the souks of Marrakech and Fez are pretty claustrophobic, it is wise to head to the fishing port and Essaouira market town to refresh yourself. It is also a UNESCO World Heritage site.

In addition, Essaouira Fish Market is an 18th-century fortified seaport, boasting the original design, layout, and architecture incredibly preserved by the local authorities. You can find numerous fish species freshly caught by local fishermen. The prices are pretty affordable and won’t break the bank. The place attracts locals and tourists alike.

  1. Fresh Seafood: As you mentioned, the fish market in Essaouira provides a vast array of freshly caught seafood. Visitors have the opportunity to select their preferred fish or seafood, which can then be prepared and cooked at nearby grills and eateries for an immediate and delightful dining experience.
  2. Historical Significance: The town of Essaouira itself, including the old fortifications and medina, is a UNESCO World Heritage site. The architecture reflects a blend of African and European styles, with the old city walls and the Portuguese fort offering picturesque views of the Atlantic Ocean.
  3. Local Experience: Visiting the fish market allows travelers to immerse themselves in the day-to-day life of locals. It’s a vibrant place where you can observe the hustle and bustle of fishermen, vendors, and buyers, all contributing to a lively atmosphere.
  4. Art and Craft: Apart from the fish market, Essaouira is renowned for its art and craft scene. The town has numerous galleries and workshops where visitors can buy unique pieces of art, traditional rugs, and woodwork crafted from the locally-sourced Thuya wood.
  5. Beach and Wind Sports: Given its coastal location, Essaouira is also famous for its wide sandy beaches and is a popular spot for wind and kite surfing due to the consistent winds.

Tips for Visitors:

  • Early Visits: For the best experience, consider visiting the fish market early in the morning. This is when you can observe the fishermen bringing in their catch and the market is at its most lively and authentic.
  • Haggling: Like many markets in Morocco, be prepared to haggle for the best prices on seafood and other goods.
  • Wear Appropriate Clothing: Since it’s a working fish market, wear clothing that you don’t mind getting a bit dirty or wet, and opt for comfortable and slip-resistant shoes.

3.    Souk el AttarineTop 5 Markets you Must Visit in Morocco

Souk el Attarine is the most recommended place to visit in Morocco. It is a UNESCO World Heritage size in Fez, offering a maze-like infrastructure with hundreds of narrow valleys. Thus, Souk el Attarine showcases the history and tradition of Fez, Morocco.

So, if you want to explore the remains of medieval civilization and shop for traditional arts and crafts, Souk el Attarine is a must-go market in Morocco. Besides, you will find a wide range of beautiful goods for sale in the shops of Souk el Attarine.

These include but are not limited to herbs, spices, crafts, traditional clothes, incense, metal goods, etc. Almost all shops at Souk el Attarine are set up in mesmerizing and well-preserved old mansions, allowing tourists to explore the traditional Moroccan riad.

Souk el Attarine Highlights:

  1. Historical Importance: As part of the ancient medina of Fez (Fes el Bali), Souk el Attarine is situated in an area steeped in history. The medina itself is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, renowned for being one of the best-preserved historic towns of the Arab-Muslim world.
  2. Array of Goods: True to your description, the souk offers an extensive array of items, from spices, herbs, and traditional clothing to intricate crafts, metal goods, and leather products. Each item tells a story of the local traditions and craftsmanship that have been passed down through generations.
  3. Architectural Beauty: The market is set within beautifully preserved structures that reflect the architectural grandeur of medieval Moroccan design. Exploring the old mansions and traditional riads is an experience in itself, as these buildings showcase the exquisite mosaic tile work, carved wood, and stucco that characterize Moroccan architecture.
  4. Vibrant Atmosphere: The market is always bustling with activity, with locals and tourists mingling in the narrow lanes, vendors calling out to passersby, and the tantalizing aroma of spices filling the air.

Tips for Visitors:

  • Navigate Carefully: The labyrinthine layout of the souk can be confusing for first-time visitors. Consider hiring a local guide or using a navigation app to help you explore the area without getting lost.
  • Haggling is Expected: Bargaining is a common practice, so don’t be afraid to negotiate prices with vendors.
  • Respect Local Customs: When visiting the souk, dress modestly to respect the local culture, and be mindful when taking photos, especially of people or religious sites.
  • Plan Your Visit: The souk can get very crowded, especially during weekends and holidays. To have a more relaxed experience, consider visiting during the weekdays or early in the morning.

4.    Had Dra Souk

Had Dra Souk is a traditional country market away from the city. It is located in Had Dra between Marrakech and Essaouira. Keep in mind that Had Dra Souk is a Sunday market with hundreds of stalls and vendors selling a wide range of items.

It is an excellent place to meet locals and make friends. Although Had Dra Souk is a traditional market, it serves an important purpose of fulfilling people’s needs. However, the market also drives hundreds of tourists.

We recommend heading to the market early to see the cattle auction. You can also buy fresh organic products, including veggies, meat, fruits, and other agricultural products. Had Dra Souk is a fascinating meeting place for locals. Therefore, you can genuinely experience the authentic Moroccan culture.

5.    MellahTop 5 Markets you Must Visit in Morocco

Mellah is a traditional Jewish quarter in Morocco. Although the place has fewer Jewish people, it perfectly showcases the old traditions, history, and culture of this ethnic group in Morocco.

A wide selection of products and goods is available in the market, including ornate accessories for clothes making, colorful fabrics, jewelry items, classic designs, imported goods, and traditional pottery, artwork, and paintings.

Final Words

Morocco drives hundreds of thousands of tourists to explore the best markets. The long history, diverse cultural influence, and ancient local traditions still in action make Morocco is an excellent place for antiques, artwork, and crafts. You will find hundreds of shops in Marrakech and other cities that sell traditional items, including clothes, furniture, jewelry, pottery, décor items, etc.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Top 10 Landmarks to Visit in Morocco

Top 10 Landmarks to Visit in Morocco for unforgettable memories

Are you in Morocco and want to explore the best landmarks in the country? Check out this post to get the ultimate list of the top ten landmarks. Read here!

Top 10 Landmarks to Visit in Morocco

Millions of people plan to have a memorable trip to North Africa. Although you can visit Algeria and Egypt, we recommend visiting Morocco if you want to experience diversity and captivating landscapes because it has stunning sights to offer.The country is home to lush green landscapes, high peaks, beautiful valleys, deserts, and scenic beaches.

Likewise, it has hundreds of landmarks you can explore with your friends and family. Moreover, it has some amazing historical, cultural, and architectural landmarks that should not be missed. Although there are countless attractions in Morocco, we have narrowed down the top 10 landmarks you should visit.

palace in morocco

1.    Ait BenhaddouTop 10 Landmarks to Visit in Morocco

Ait Benhaddou is located near the Ouarzazate, a historical and UNESCO World Heritage site with scenic views of the desert. It was once a fort in the 10th century, but now it’s best known as an iconic movie filming location. Many Hollywood and other film industries have been to Ait Benhaddou to shoot a large number of films.

You will love walking through the citadel, a maze-like structure that showcases the history of ancient people who lived in the area. Explore the multilevel dwellings livestock, and meet with merchants. Although it’s a popular location, it’s still peaceful and remote. You can explore the ruins, including old walls, towers, and ancient gates. The homes are built from mud but still, stand strong amidst the sandy desert. So, it is a kind of educational trip to the Ait Benhaddou.

2.    Koutoubia Mosque

Koutoubia Mosque is the most famous landmark in Morocco. It is the symbol of Marrakech that attracts hundreds of people every week. However, Non-Muslims can’t enter the building because it is a holy place for Islamic believers, but they can see the tall minaret outside. The Koutoubia minaret can be seen from far away. The architecture of the mosque is breathtaking, and the minaret is made from red sandstone.

The mosque has been around for centuries, but it was built in 1195 by Alm, a caliph of the Almohads. It was built with a combination of traditional Islamic and Berber buildings; this is why its design is unique. The minaret’s height is 70 meters, and it’s surrounded by a beautiful garden.

The good news is that Non-Muslims can satisfy their eyes by roaming in the beautiful garden in the surrounding area of the mosque. We recommend seeing the ornate architecture and decorative details.

Moreover, you can explore the patios and beautiful gardens of Koutoubia at night when it’s lit up with a thousand lights. If you are Muslim, then just visit it.

3.    Erg ChebbiTop 10 Landmarks to Visit in Morocco

Erg Chebbi is located near Merzouga, a picturesque area filled with over 50 kilometers of dunes. The diverse and massive dunes offer mesmerizing and enigmatic experiences to tourists in the Sahara desert, making it the most visited destination in Morocco.

In addition, people come here to relish the unique orange-colored sand and participate in desert outdoor activities, such as camel trekking through the massive dunes. At the same time, you can visit the local Berber villages to know their culture and enjoy delectable food.

4.    Bahia Palace

Bahia Palace is a symbol of unique architecture in Marrakech. Although the Bahia Palace does not have a long history, many people visit this room to see the large complex, uniquely designed rooms, courtyards, and gardens. It has a beautiful blend of Islamic, Moroccan, and Andalusian architecture.

The palace was built in the 19th century by Sultan Ahmed. He intended this palace to be one of the most beautiful palaces in the world, and today it is a World Heritage SiteThe palace courtyard, with its fountains and sculptures, is particularly worth seeing. It also contains many rooms that contain ornate furniture and colorful mosaics. The king used to receive his guests in the throne room, which had gold and blue walls and beautiful mosaics.

You can also take a tour of the gardens, which are designed with different plants and trees that are native to Morocco. The garden also contains fountains, pools, and. sculptures. The palace also has many secret rooms and tunnels that you can explore. This is a perfect place to relax and enjoy the beauty of nature. 
Bahia Palace has incredible decorative details and artwork on the ceilings, floors, walls, and doors. Overall, Bahia Palace is one of the most beautiful palaces in Morocco, and it is definitely worth visiting. The palace is a beautiful tourist destination for families, friends, and couples. It is open throughout the year.

palace in morocco

5.    VolubilisTop 10 Landmarks to Visit in Morocco

Volubilis is another landmark in Morocco you must visit. It is an ancient Roman site near Meknes and is listed in the UNESCO World Heritage. Volubilis is Mauritania’s old capital and boasts the ruins of foundations, columns, and mosaics. Moreover, it is here where the world’s best mosaics are found. The site offers a secret corridor, palaces, religious buildings, public baths, and a triumphal arch.

A visit to Volubilis is both educational and exciting. It enables you to learn about the past and present of the country. You can explore the ruins, admire the craftsmanship of ancient builders, and learn about history from the guide accompanying you. Additionally, you can take a camel ride to head further into the desert and experience diverse landscapes. 

Volubilis is an amazing place to explore an ancient city, marvel at the ruins, and learn about Moroccan culture. With its strategic location and important history, Volubilis is a must-see destination in Morocco. You can also explore the nearby villages and markets to get a feel of their local culture. 

Take a guided tour to learn about the structure’s history and learn the decorative details of stone blocks, steps, and tall archways. That way, you can imagine how Romans lived in the magnificent landmark back in the day.

6. Bab el-Mansour

Bab el-Mansour is one of the most picturesque places in Morocco, driving hundreds of locals and tourists to see the monumental gate. It stands tall in Meknes, an old imperial city and a great spot to explore Morocco’s rich culture.

The gate is famous for its red walls, intricate carvings, and impressive archway. It is an iconic structure of Meknes, a part of the old city. Its grand architecture represents Moroccan culture, with its two blue and white towers topped by green onion domes. It is embellished with geometric patterns and floral. Motifs and zellige tiles. It is also decorated with colorful ceramic plates and a large marble slab above the entrance.

There are also plenty of souvenir shops around Bab el-Mansour where you can shop for souvenirs and traditional Moroccan items. You can also take a horse carriage ride to explore the nearby city or take a stroll along the ramparts for an excellent view of the gate.

Bab el-Mansour is a great place to experience Morocco’s rich culture and heritage. Its magnificent architecture will leave you mesmerized, while its captivating beauty is sure to stay in your memory forever. You and your family will love the striking tiles, artwork, and decorative calligraphy of Bab el-Mansour in Meknes.

The structure was built in the 1730s. It was used as the primary gateway between the Royal Capital and the old medina. Take a guided tour to learn about Bab el-Mansour. Don’t forget to take photos or capture videos to create memories.

7. Medina of Chefchaouen

Medina of Chefchaouen is one of the most charming destinations in Morocco, making it a unique landmark in North Africa. The town is located in the Rif Mountains and is known for its striking blue-washed buildings. It was founded by Spanish exiles in 1471 and still retains its original city plan.

The blue-washed buildings of Chefchaouen make it a spectacular place to visit. You’ll find cobbled streets, wooden doors, and vibrant colors in the medina. The casbah of Chefchaouen is a fortress with walls, towers, and three main gates. It is a great place to explore the old city and get a glimpse of Moroccan culture.

The place is famous for mesmerizing architectural buildings with beautiful cobalt tones.

Although Medina of Chefchaouen is not a Disneyland, it attracts hundreds of people to learn about its history and shop for their favorite items, including souvenirs. Visit the Grand Mosque to see the beautiful octagonal structure of the minaret. Likewise, we recommend exploring the old Kasbah.

8. Chaouwara Tanneries

Chaouwara Tanneries in Fez boasts an energetic, colorful, and vibrant atmosphere, giving visitors a glimpse of leatherwork, ancient crafts, and artwork.

Located in the center of Fez, visitors can explore a maze of leather tanning pits filled with dying animal skins and craftsmanship tools used in the production of leather goods. There are shops and vendors on the sides of the pits selling leather items like slippers, bags, cushions, and wallets. Be sure to take a guided tour of the area to learn more about the craft and get an up-close view of the tanning process.

The Chaouwara Tanneries is a great place to explore the traditional craftsmanship of Morocco and take home some unique souvenirs. You can also get a bird’s eye view of the tanneries by climbing up to the rooftops and balconies around the area. You can see how ancient people treated and dyed large pits using methods practiced for centuries.

9.Jbel Toubkal

Jbel Toubkal is the tallest mountain in the country, standing 13,671 feet high. It is the most mesmerizing peak in the High Atlas Mountains, attracting hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventure lovers. The mountain also offers picturesque views in the middle of a beautiful national park filled with fascinating wildlife. 

The trek to Jbel Toubkal is an adventure, crossing lush valleys and rolling hills with barren desert plains in the distance. If you’re feeling adventurous, the hike is definitely worth it, as you’ll be rewarded with stunning views and breathtaking sunsets from its summit. You can also explore the traditional Berber villages and taste their authentic dishes on your way to Jbel Toubkal. 

10. Djemaa el-Fna

Djemaa el-Fna is a square in Marrakech known for its traditional ambiance and spectacular sunset views. The place is filled with musicians, fortune tellers, dancers, and henna artists. You will meet people wearing traditional clothes. You can spend hours exploring the old buildings, market stalls, and restaurants, getting to know the locals and their culture Djemaa el-Fna hosts various events throughout the year, such as performances by acrobats and musicians. Don’t miss out on the snake charmers, who are a must-see attraction. 

You can also find food vendors selling traditional Moroccan dishes such as couscous and kebabs. The smell of cooking wafts and the wide range of stalls in the market create a one-of-a-kind experience. Djemaa el-Fna is an excellent place to buy traditional souvenirs and handicrafts, making it a popular landmark in Marrakech.

Final Words

Morocco drives hundreds of thousands of tourists from different countries, allowing them to relish the scenic beauty, natural attractions, and beautiful landmarks of this North African country. Visiting these ten landmarks in Morocco creates memorable experiences. Until Next Time!


What is the most visited place in Morocco?

Marrakesh Medina. The bustling and vibrant buzz of Marrakesh medina sums up Morocco for many visitors and is a major tourist attraction.

What should I not miss in Morocco?

Sahara Desert, Local Cuisine, Marrakesh, Atlas Mountains, Fez, and many more places one should not miss.

What is the tallest mountain in Morocco?

Jbel Toubkal is the tallest mountain in Morocco, standing 13,671 feet high. It is the most mesmerizing peak in the High Atlas Mountains, attracting hikers, outdoor enthusiasts, and adventure lovers.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
  • Photos from Unsplash & canva.

Best Nature Attractions in Morocco

Although Morocco has hundreds of natural attractions, nothing matches the scenic beauty of the places mentioned in this post. Read Here!

Best Nature Attractions in Morocco

Morocco is one of the most visited countries in North Africa, thanks to the natural attractions and scenic beauty, boasting a desert, high Atlas Mountains, lush green landscapes, fertile lands, waterfalls, lakes, and beaches galore. Exploring Morocco’s natural attractions and wildlife is one of the best ways to truly experience all that the country has to offer. Here are the best attractions with spectacular natural views you must visit with your family or friends in Morocco.

Talassemtane National ParkBest Nature Attractions in Morocco

Talassemtane National Park is a ten-kilometer drive from Chefchaouen, a natural paradise boasting peaceful scenery. It is a perfect spot for nature lovers and outdoor enthusiasts with its untouched nature, lush hills and valleys, breathtaking views of the Rif Mountain range, and variety of wildlife. Located in the heart of the Rif Mountains, the national park is an ideal tourist destination, especially for people looking for adventure activities, such as hiking in Morocco, trekking, and climbing. Moreover it has a rich array of flora and fauna which makes it a great place to observe nature.

Talassemtane National Park is spread over 60,000 hectares, offering scenic cliffs, gorges, caves, and lush green spaces. You will enjoy the breathtaking sceneries and unwind in the natural wonderland. Stay in the national park for a few days to explore flora and fauna, watch sunrise and sunset, and spend a night beneath the countless stars in the sky. The best time to visit Talassemtane is during the spring and fall, when temperatures are mild and perfect for a nature walk

Address: 4WJ9+6PV, Adeldal, Morocco

The Natural Park Souss Massa

Souss Massa is another National Park and natural wonderland in Morocco, boasting scenic landscapes in the mesmerizing southern part of the country. It is located in the Agadir region and stretches from the city of Agadir to Sidi Ifni. The government founded the Natural Park Souss Massa in 1991, and since then, it has been the ultimate tourist destination to explore the Saharan Fauna and beautiful landscapes. The park is home to the last remaining populations of endangered species like Barbary sheep, Maghreb hedgehog, Barbary macaque, and Nubian ibex. It is also a paradise for birdwatchers, as the park hosts over 140 species of birds, including the endangered bald ibis.

The Natural Park Souss Massa is one of the most beautiful natural parks in Morocco, with its vast green spaces, spectacular panoramas, sandy beaches, and stunning rock formations. Visitors can take part in bird-watching activities or explore the area on foot, while taking in the breathtaking scenery. In addition, the park has over 300 plant species and animal species, allowing visitors to have their imaginations run wild. The picturesque scenery, biodiversity, and rich culture will amaze you and your loved ones. Don’t forget to visit the park museum.

Address: سيدي بينزارن، Morocco

The lake of Lalla Takerkoust

Lake Lalla Takerkoust offers peacefulness, tranquility, and calmness, thanks to the breathtaking scenery, pleasant environment, and soothing colors that create magical experiences. The Lake of Lalla Takerkoust is located in the foothills of the Atlas Mountains near Marrakech, allowing locals and tourists to unwind and escape to the natural world from the bustling city.

Lalla Takerkoust is one of Morocco’s largest natural lakes. It is a pristine oasis with crystal clear waters and exotic wildlife, making it an ideal spot for outdoor enthusiasts. The lake is surrounded by towering cliffs, sand dunes, and a variety of trees and plants. There is an abundance of birds in the area – from kingfishers to storks, as well as several species of mammals like hares and jackals.

You can enjoy a wide range of activities during the day, including horseback riding, quad biking, hiking, watersports, paddle games, and jet skiing. So, soak up in the soothing environment and enjoy the magical sunset. Immerse yourself in the beautiful, crystal clear waters and climb the hill to experience the breathtaking view of the Weir.

Mount Toubkal

Mount Toubkal is a perfect natural destination in Morocco for solo and group adventurers looking to hike the magnificent peak. It is the highest peak in North Africa, located in the beautiful Atlas Mountains. This awe-inspiring mountain beckons adventurers and thrill-seekers from all over the world. Its summit is 4,167 meters (13,671 feet) above sea level and its base is located at 2,100 meters (6,890 feet), making it one of the most epic natural wonders in Morocco. Remember, the place is suitable for people with good stamina, especially those who want to experience the physically-challenging hiking trails. Mount Toubkal is the perfect place to go trekking and hiking, as it offers amazing views of the surrounding valleys and villages. There are many routes that you can choose from, depending on your level of experience. Besides, you can enjoy the picturesque landscapes of the High Atlas Mountains.

If you are an adrenaline and thrill seeker, Mount Toubkal is a perfect place to visit. So, prepare your sleeping bag, jackets, gloves, trekking boots, and other essential items to experience the most unforgettable journey to the tallest peak in North Africa. The circuit in Mount Toubkal is thrilling, with challenging obstacles and scenic landscapes.

Moreover, you can stay in the mountain huts for a night before continuing your journey to reach the summit. After getting to the summit, you will relish the panoramic views of gleaming clouds, the peacefulness, and the heart-soothing environment. The best time to visit Mount Toubkal is between March and May or September and October. During these months, the weather is mild and there’s less snow, allowing for easier trekking conditions.

Address: Toubkal or Tubkal is a mountain peak in southwestern Morocco, located in the Toubkal National Park.

The desert of Merzouga

The desert of Merzouga is the epitome of peacefulness and the essence of a desert oasis. It is a picture-perfect area, allowing you to enjoy the five-kilometer-long dunes, landscapes, traces of fennec paws, and a quiet environment with silenced echoes. It is located in the southeast of the country, in the Sahara Desert. The Merzouga Desert is a magical part of Morocco that offers an unforgettable adventure for adventurers. You can resist the charm of Merzouga because it gives you peace of mind and an opportunity to relax in the middle of the picturesque desert. After arriving at the desert of Merzouga, you will relish the scenic landscapes with gorgeous geological forms, known as the Kasbah Ait Benhaddou.

The Merzouga Desert is known for its vast sand dunes and camel rides. You can explore the desert on a four-wheel drive or take a camel ride across the dunes and experience the beauty of the desert. The sand dunes in Merzouga are among the highest in Morocco, and you can enjoy watching the sun setting below the horizon. If you are a fan of stargazing, you can spend an entire night in the desert to take in the overwhelming beauty of its starry skies. Don’t forget to visit the Draa Valley, famous for sandboarding, Amazigh Surfing, and other outdoor activities. Watch the sunset to soothe your eyes by experiencing the magical changing colors at dusk.

Address: Merzouga 52202, Morocco

Final Words

Morocco has diverse natural attractions, from deserts to mountains to lush green valleys. Not only will you love seeing the beaches and sunsets, but you will also experience the scenic lush green valleys with diverse flora and fauna. Whether you are looking for a peaceful and relaxing vacation, or an adventure full of thrilling experiences, Morocco has it all. So, plan your visit to Morocco now and explore its natural beauty firsthand Best time to visit Morocco is March to May or September to October when the weather is mild and allows for easier trekking conditions. Until Next Time!


What is the greenest part of Morocco?

The greenest and northernmost mountain range in Morocco is called the Rif (reef). Exploring it is a great idea, especially on foot, as you can enjoy the beautiful and lush vegetation.

What are some natural features in Morocco?

Simply said, nature exhibits its full magnificence in this area with mountain ranges, sandy beaches lapped by the waves of the Atlantic and Mediterranean Seas, little coves among the rocks, infinite stretches of golden dunes, and verdant oasis.

What is Morocco famously known for?

From majestic monuments to exotic cuisines and vibrant imperial cities, the country encapsulates a wealth of fascinating landscapes that make it an exhilarating destination for travelers from around the world.

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Best Shopping Spots Morocco

Hundreds of thousands of tourists to Morocco to explore the traditional marketplaces and shopping spots. Here is the ultimate shopping spots list!

Best Shopping Spots Morocco

Shopping boosts your overall mood and gives you memorable experiences when hunting for, discovering, and buying something new. Shopping is not all about buying things for yourself, but it is also about purchasing gifts for your loved ones and strengthening your relationships. So, visiting the following best shopping spots in Morocco is an excellent way to shop for unique items and gifts for your family members or friends.

Bab El KhemisBest Shopping Spots Morocco

Bab El Khemis is one of the largest flea markets in Morocco and a famous spot for locals and tourists. Although the market lack coherent organization, you can find a wide range of items by strolling through it.

Besides, Bab El Khemis has old carved doors propped against walls. It has brass door knockers, second-hand clothing, and garments display. You can find new and old furniture items across the pavement.

Some people visit this flea market to buy cookware, cushions, tools, jewelry, hardware items, kitchen accessories, rugs, carpets, and bicycles. The prices are affordable enough and do not break the bank.

Tiznit Medina

Tiznit Medina has souk des Bijou tiers, also known as Jeweler’s Souk, with over 100 shops and stores that sell traditional Berber jewelry and accessories made of silver. Tiznit Medina was a hotspot for Jewish silversmiths back in time. Today, Berbers continue the tradition in the attractive souk. The place is a few hours away from Agadir.

Marrakech Medina

Marrakech Medina is the best place to buy Moroccan arts and crafts within the shops and souks. The shops offer a wide range of artwork, painting, sculptures, souvenirs, antiques, and woodworks, making it the number one destination for serious shoppers.

Souk des TeinturiersBest Shopping Spots Morocco

Souk Des Teinturiers is a famous shopping spot in Morocco to browse and buy traditional clothing and garments. You will see the local artisans dying fabrics and skins in eye-catching color spectrums. It is an excellent place to buy silk, rugs, clothes, and other items made of sheepskin.

Essaouira Medina

Essaouira Medina is a picturesque seaside resort and the most famous marketplace, offering a mix of art galleries, shops, and jewelry souks. You can buy local thuya woodcrafts and essential oils, including argan oil.

The handmade leather goods available in the market are high-quality and affordable. The shopkeepers are friendly and professional, selling quality and reasonably priced items. Browsing and shopping through Essaouira Medina create mesmerizing experiences for tourists.

Rabat Medina

Rabat Medina is the best shopping spot in Morocco, with hundreds of shops and vendors that sell quality times, including jewelry, wood furniture, handcraft carpets, handmade jellabahs, and clothes. It is the main shopping street in Rue Souiqa that attracts hundreds of people every day.

Fes el Bali

Fes el Bali is famous for high-quality and affordable carpet emporiums. The carpet dealers are friendly and professional, selling premium-quality handmade items at reasonable prices. That’s the reason Fes el Bali drives thousands of shoppers every week. In addition, you will love drinking traditional tea and eating local food.

Besides, it is located within the ancient medina offers a wide range of workshops, also known as foundouks. Not only will you see traditional crafts, but you can also browse and shop pottery in Fes el Bali. The place is famous for locals and tourists alike. Make sure you visit the site in the early morning to avoid crowds.

Souk el Attarine

Souk el Attarine is a traditional place to purchase metal goods, scents, and spices. It is a fantastic souk in Morocco you can experience in the city’s bustling environment. While you can browse a wide selection of traditional and modern items in the crowded area, we recommend looking for teapots and lamps because these items are premium-quality, unique, and affordable. Souk el Attarine also has shops to buy perfumes and scents.

Final Words

Morocco offers unique shopping experiences to locals and tourists, thanks to the traditionally designed shopping malls, bazaars, markets, and districts. You will find vendors wearing traditional Moroccan clothes and selling premium quality items, including clothes, jewelry, fashion accessories, pottery, clocks, watches, silver-made kitchen items, and other things. So, if you want to experience something memorable and fascinating, you must not miss these best shopping spots in Morocco.

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Top 5 Museums to Visit in Morocco

Morocco has dozens of museums that attract thousands of people visiting the country. Here is a list of the top five museums to see in Morocco!

Top 5 Museums to Visit in Morocco

There are numerous reasons locals and tourists visit museums in Morocco. Some people want to learn about the country’s history while others enjoy art and culture. Museums in Morocco are excellent places for meeting new people, learning about the diverse Moroccan culture, and relishing ancient artifacts. Whether you’re looking to gain knowledge or just spend a pleasant day, visiting Morocco Museum is best.

Morocco has numerous museums, and each one displays unique artifacts, paintings, sculptures, and artwork. Most of the top museums are located in Rabat and Marrakech. Visiting Morocco Museums  However, if you want to get the most out of your art and cultural trip to Morocco, you can’t miss the following five Museums. Read on!

1.    Dar Si Said MuseumTop 5 Museums to Visit in Morocco

Dar Si Said Museum is one of the most beautiful museums in Morocco that attracts thousands of people every month. The museum displays Moroccan arts, crafts, artifacts, and antique items from the 19th century and consists of three major sections that include ceramics and carpets room. The building is a gorgeous demonstration of Moroccan architecture and culture.If you ’re an art enthusiast looking to appreciate Moroccan antiques and culture, Dar Si Said Museum is the top place to go.

Besides, you will see the beautiful jewelry pieces, decorated pottery, old tanneries, and exquisite leatherwork of the past. The museum also has a stunning garden with a wide range of citrus trees. Dar Si Said Museum is located near Marrakesh, and you can reach the place in one hour from the central city. If you want to get the best experience, try to visit the museum during early mornings or late evenings. This way, you won’t have to deal with the crowds and can take your time admiring the museum’s collections.

Address: 8 Rue de la Bahia, Marrakech 40000, Morocco

Phone: +212 5243-89564

2.    Majorelle Garden

Majorelle Garden is another hidden paradise and artistic place in Morocco. Not many people know about the beautiful Majorelle Garden. However, you will create memories by visiting the site and exploring the gorgeous and eye-catching Moroccan architecture.

The garden has burbling streams, small fountains, and exotic flowers that will soothe your mind. In addition, it has a museum that showcases the beauty of Islamic art and culture It also has many items related to the artist’s life, including sketches and oils. There are also great artwork pieces from famous artists such as Picasso, Braque, and Miro.

This top museum was created by the French artist Jacques Majorelle, who lived in the city for more than 30 years and designed this beautiful place using bright colors such as cobalt blue and deep yellow. When you enter the building, you will see the dark blue color painted on the walls. The unique shade of blue gives it the name “Majorelle Blue Garden.” Majorelle Garden is one of Morocco’s top attractions and . It is one of the most beautiful museums in Marrakesh which is an excellent place for rest and relaxation and to spend quality time with your family and friends. To get the best experience, visit Majorelle Garden early in the morning when it opens.

Address: Rue Yves St Laurent, Marrakech 40090, Morocco

Phone: +212 5242-98686

3.    Marrakech Museum

Marrakech Museum is another beautiful place located in the gorgeously designed Dar Menebhi Palace, offering a wide selection and collection of craftworks, artworks, artifacts, and antiques. Visiting the location allows you to explore the traditional jewelry, clothes, and colorful pottery and appreciate the spectacular artwork from local craftsmen.

The museum has multiple sections that include a perfectly preserved Islamic garden with a central pool and fountain surrounded by cedar trees. In addition to its historical significance, the Marrakech Museum also attracts many visitors due to its stunning architecture and eye-catching decorations. You can also see the furniture used in the past by wealthy Moroccan families. In addition, the Marrakech Museum has a dedicated section for Jewish artwork and artifacts. It also boasts contemporary art exhibitions. The museum is located near Marrakesh-Safi. We believe it is a perfect place for families, friends, and couples.

4.    Rabat Archaeological MuseumTop 5 Museums to Visit in Morocco

Rabat Archaeological Museum is one of the top museums in Morocco. It is pretty different from other museums in Morocco, boasting an extensive collection of artwork, artifacts, and objects from different periods, including the Paleolithic period and Islamic archaeology. The museum also serves as an educational center providing historical information about the development of Morocco over time. It has a range of artifacts, including pottery, stone sculptures, coins, jewelry, and more. If you are interested in history or culture, this top museum is definitely worth visiting.

Visiting this beautiful museum in Rabat is a perfect opportunity for tourists to explore the diverse Moroccan culture and see Islamic archeology. When you enter the building, a guide will assist and show you the most viewed artifacts of the past. In addition, you can explore collections from the prehistoric era, Roman era, and Islamic period. Besides the archeological elements of prehistoric times, you will discover pieces of evidence of ancient Morocco and unfold the history of Moroccan civilization.

Address: Rue El Brihi, Rabat, Morocco

Phone: +212 5377-01919

5.    Saadian Tombs

Saadian Tombs are burial grounds discovered in the early 20th century. It an iconic symbol of Moroccan architecture, famous for its colorful walls, decorated stucco, marble floors, and beautiful cedar wood ceilings. It is believed to be the last remaining part of a large palace complex. The Saadian Tombs top museum offers visitors the chance to appreciate the art and architecture of a forgotten era in Morocco. People visit to see the mausoleum’s beautiful decorations with splendid mosaics and detailed carvings. It showcases the artwork and design of the incredible structure.

We recommend visiting the “Chamber of 12 pillars” because it is the most impressive room in the museum, boasting stunning marble columns with lusciously attractive architecture. The museum also has a lovely garden, allowing visitors to relax after exploring the mausoleum. All this translates to spending quality and splendid time.

Address: Rue de La Kasbah, Marrakesh 40000, Morocco

Phone: +212 5244-33407time.

Final Words

Moroccan Museums are beautiful places to explore ancient civilization, recharge, and get inspired with beautiful paintings, sculptures, and artwork. When you observe the artistic work of the past and view the antique items, you leave yourself in awe. Best Hotels in Morocco are also available near these museums to stay.

Visiting museums in Morocco is also educational, allowing visitors to stimulate new ideas by learning about traditional and modern architecture, art, music, interior design, Moroccan culture, and creative pieces. Until Next Time!


Which is the greatest museum of human history and culture?

The British Museum is a free, public museum of human history, art, and culture that is situated in London’s Bloomsbury neighborhood. Its eight million-piece permanent collection is one of the biggest and most complete ones ever assembled.

Are there any museums in Morocco?

Despite the numerous galleries and museums of modern and contemporary art in Morocco, the Mohammed VI Museum of Modern and Contemporary Art (MMVI) in Rabat was the first national institution to meet the standards of an international museum.

Why visit Morocco?

Morocco has several attractions, including bustling markets, desert excursions, waterfall hikes, and beach days. Surfing, drinking mint tea in the medina, and exploring the numerous ruins strewn across the city are all options.

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Top 10 Hiking Spots in Morocco

What are the best hiking spots and trails in Morocco? Check out this post to get a list of the top ten spots for hiking and know the essential details!

Morocco is a paradise for hiking enthusiasts and adventure travelers. From the rugged Atlas Mountains to the dry desert landscapes, there are many outdoor activities that can be enjoyed in this country. The country has miles of coastline, gorgeous mountains, Berber culture, and distinctive traditions. It boasts picturesque views of the stunning High Atlas Mountains and the scenic beauty of the Sahara Desert. 

Whether you are looking for a short day hike, an overnight trip, or an epic multi-day trek, Morocco has something to offer every outdoor. The food in Morocco is diverse, delectable, and mouthwatering. While Morocco has hundreds of hiking spots, nothing matches the experience created by the following hiking trails. Read on!

1.    Jebel Sirwa

Jebel Sirwa is the highest peak that connects the High Atlas Mountains and the Anti-Atlas region in the southern areas of Morocco. Jebel Sirwa is a volcanic mountain with a height of 3,304 meters, allowing you to view the beautiful peaks and scenic valleys of the High Atlas Mountains.

Moreover, the Jebel Sirwa hike is a great outdoor activity for nature lovers. As you travel, you will explore the spectacular landscapes and visit the ancient towns that are scattered throughout the region. Besides possessing beautiful landscapes, Jebel Sirwa is also home to the Berber people, who are renowned for their hospitality and warm welcome.

Depending on their plans, hikers can trek at a lower altitude or choose the summit of Jebel Sirwa. They can make a loop from Imlil, ascending the peak and then descending to the valley. Keep in mind that the region has a rugged landscape. However, it offers visitors and hikers picturesque mountain villages.

2.    Jebel SahroTop 10 Hiking Spots in Morocco

Jebel Sahro is one of Morocco’s most popular areas for outdoor exploration and adventure. It offers fertile valleys, the stunning scenery of gorges, and desert landscapes, making it a paradise for hiking enthusiasts. Jebel Sahro is between the Sahara Desert and the High Atlas. The region is characterized by rocky mountains and towering peaks. The highest point of the Mountain is 2,712 meters, with different passes between 1,500 and 2,500 meters.

It’s also home to some of Morocco’s most beautiful Berber villages and stunning views of the snow-capped Atlas Mountains. You can hike through the lands of Berber tribespeople and relish the region’s spectacular views. The place is famous for locals and tourists alike. However, it is least visited by the mighty Mount Toubkal.

3.    M’goun Massif

M’goun Massif is a mountain region in Morocco located near the High Atlas Mountains. It’s an area of breathtaking beauty and wild outdoor possibilities. The M’goun Massif offers hikers and outdoor lovers a unique opportunity to explore diverse landscapes, colorful gorges, traditional villages with fertile lands, and lush green valleys. Hikers and adventure enthusiasts head to the M’goun Massif to enjoy the panoramic views from the remote and dramatic passes. They can choose from a range of trekking trips here – anything from single-day hikes to multi-day treks.

The highest peak here is at 4,071 meters and provides a great vantage point for breathtaking views of the surrounding areas. Hikers will also have the opportunity to explore some of the traditional villages that are located in and around the M’goun Massif.

In addition, M’goun Massif lies in the center of the High Atlas Mountains, making it one of the most famous places for hiking in the country. The place offers a wide selection of multi-day hiking trails. However, you can also experience one-day excursions if you have a family or children.

4.    Tazekka National Park

Tazekka National Park hosts a wide range of flora and fauna in the middle of the Atlas Mountains. It is home to a variety of hiking trails, ranging from easy walks to difficult tours. It’s one of the most popular hiking destinations in Morocco, and it’s located in the northern parts of the country.

The Park has two hiking routes – a short loop and an extended hiking trail. As you explore the Park, you can take in the views of lush green forests, majestic mountains, and deep gorges. The national park has Jebel Tazekka, the highest Mountain on the Atlas’s northeastern trip. Hiking between the old cedar tree forests and the gorgeous natural wonder of the Friouato Caves creates a one-of-a-kind experience for adventure lovers.

5.    Paradise Valley

Paradise Valley lies in Agadir near the coastal beach resort, offering a deep palm gorge, attracting thousands of people every month. Paradise Valley is renowned for its hiking trails, spectacular views, and dramatic landscapes. This hiking destination is a great choice for any outdoor enthusiast who wants to experience Morocco’s stunning nature. Here, you can explore lush green valleys, winding rivers, and waterfalls, as well as spectacular canyons. The hiking routes are mostly easy to moderate in difficulty, and you can find hiking guides in the nearby village to help you out. Although the lush green paradise valley has a short walking trail of 20-25 kilometers, it creates memorable experiences suitable for people of all ages and skill levels.

6.    TafraoutTop 10 Hiking Spots in Morocco

Tafraout offers stunning mountain views and natural landscapes with unspoiled hiking trails in the Souss-Massa region. Tafraout hiking trails are located in the center of the Anti-Atlas Mountains, offering secluded, peaceful, and natural wonderlands to hikers, allowing them to enjoy the stunning rock formations. The hiking routes are clearly marked with colored arrows, ensuring hiking enthusiasts don’t get lost. Tafraout is especially popular among adventure seekers who come here to enjoy its hiking trails, stunning views, and unique rock formations. The hiking trails provide access to remote villages, allowing travelers to learn about the local Berber culture and cuisine. The place is perfect for hiking and trekking.

7.    RIF Mountains

RIF Mountains are located in the northeastern mountain range of Morocco near the border with Spain, offering several hiking trails that can range from easy to difficult and suitable for beginners, intermediate, and advanced hikers. It is home to some of the most beautiful hiking trails in all of Morocco, offering breathtaking views and spectacular landscapes.

The hiking trails depending on the route you choose. The hiking routes here are well-marked, so it is relatively easy for hiking enthusiasts to find their way. The RIF Mountains have stunning peaks, lush green valleys, and picturesque gorges you can explore while hiking the trails.

8.    Jbel Saghro

Jbel Saghro is a hiking paradise located in the southeastern part of Morocco, offering stunning views and breathtaking scenery. It’s home to lofty mountains, impressive rock formations, and several hiking trails. It’s a great place for hiking enthusiasts of all levels to explore its natural beauty and take in the views of the distant horizon. The hiking trails range from easy to difficult and provide access to remote villages as well as oases in Draa Valley. It has shorter climbs and gentler slopes in the 2,712 meters Amalou Mansour. The hiking routes are well-marked, making it easy for hikers to find their way. It is a gorgeous hiking spot, offering picturesque views and a more relaxing and laid-back experience in the Atlas region. Don’t forget to pack snacks and water, especially if you have a family or kids.

9.    Tizi n’Tamatert Pass

Tizi n’Tamatert Pass is another best hiking spots in Morocco. It is located in the Middle Atlas Mountains, offering hiking trails that are perfect for experienced hikers. The hiking trails are challenging, but the stunning views and dramatic landscapes make it all worth the effort. It has several hiking routes with varying lengths and difficulty levels, ranging from easy to difficult. The hiking trails provide access to remote villages and breathtaking views of the Middle Atlas Mountains, making it a great choice for hiking enthusiasts looking for a more challenging experience. Most people hike the Pass to reach the summit at 7,736 feet above sea level. The Berber villages you find while hiking the Tizi n’Tamatert Pass give you a chance to explore the local culture and enjoy delectable food. People can also spend the night in the Imnan Valley’s world-class guesthouses.

10. Amizmiz Mountain Village

Amizmiz Mountain Village is located in the Atlas Mountains near Marrakech, offering hiking trails that are perfect for both beginner and experienced hikers. It boasts stunning views and hiking trails that can range from easy to difficult, depending on the route you choose. The hiking trails here are well-marked, making it easy for hiking enthusiasts to find their way. It is the perfect hiking spot for those looking to explore the local Berber culture and traditional lifestyle while hiking in Morocco. The snow-capped mountains, stunning views, and rural landscapes offer hikers a perfect opportunity to explore the place, including the olive groves and fruit orchards. Besides, Amizmiz Mountain Village is middle of High Atlas Mountain ridges and a semi-desert-like landscape, creating stunning and unspoiled natural beauty.

Final Words

Morocco is one of the most beautiful countries, offering stunning beaches, high mountain ranges with snow-capped peaks, deserts, delectable food, and picturesque hiking spots you will not forget for the rest of your life. Just remember to take snacks and water, especially if you have kids hiking with you. Until Next Time!

Top 10 Hiking Spots in Morocco


Where is the best place for hiking in Morocco?

Toubkal National Park, an hour’s drive from Marrakech, offers the most well-traveled path for people looking to go trekking in Morocco. Visitors may go hiking on Mount Toubkal, which rises to a height of 4167 meters.

What is the golden rule of hiking?

The “golden rule”—treat people like you would like to be treated—is the finest thing you can do when hiking. Uphill hikers have the right-of-way. If you’re going down the trail, move aside to make room for those going up.

What are the three major long-distance hiking trails called?

The Pacific Crest Trail, the Appalachian Trail, and the Continental Divide Trail are the country’s three main long-distance thru treks. The Triple Crown is obtained by completing “The Big Three,” or all three treks.

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Best Spots to Watch the Sunset in Morocco

Watching the sunset in Morocco is a one-of-a-kind experience, allowing locals and tourists to immerse in the beauty of changing sky colors during dusk!

Morocco has the most beautiful landscapes in Northern Africa, with breathtaking views that look gorgeous during sunset. Although the lighting is better during the winter season because the sun sits lower in the sky, you can enjoy the picturesque sunset views at any time of year.

Watching sunsets in Morocco will evoke positive emotions and drive romantic feelings in couples. There are hundreds of spots to create magical moments and relish the beautiful sunrise and sunset. However, the best spots to watch the sunset in Morocco are as follows. Read on!

The Spanish Mosque

The Spanish Mosque is one of the beautiful spots to watch the sunset. The place offers scenic and panoramic views of the entire Chefchaouen city. The sunset spot in the Spanish Mosque you can’t miss. The Mosque welcomes non-Muslims to explore the architecture and watch the sunset.

We recommend going around one hour before the sunset to create memories because the place is crowded with locals and tourists to enjoy the magical moment. Besides, you can walk to the hillside to avoid the crowds and capture beautiful photos.

Sahara Desert

The Sahara Desert is the most popular place to visit in Morocco, especially for an overnight stay. The desert has various camps to spend the night underneath the clear sky with beautiful, countless starts.

However, there is nothing quite like watching the sunset in the Sahara desert. Indeed, it will create fantastic experiences, especially when you have talked and dreamt about the sunset for days.

We recommend taking guided tours to enjoy the most convenient and comfortable trip. Sahara desert is a perfect place to watch the dramatic sunset with your friends and loved ones.

Menara GardensBest Spots to Watch the Sunset in Morocco

Menara Gardens are another place to watch the scenic sunset with your loved ones. It is a perfect spot for romantic couples to watch the orange and yellow blend in the sky. In addition to the sunset watching, you will love the centuries-old olive trees in the Menara Gardens to refresh your mind and soothe your heart.

The surrounding Atlas Mountains create a perfect backdrop, especially for Instagram lovers to take photos or capture videos. Moreover, the swimming pool and lush green spaces will soothe your mind and make you feel like a part of the gorgeous painting. Menara Gardens attract hundreds of locals and tourists every day.

The Marinid Tombs

The Marinid Tombs is another beautiful place to relish the picturesque sunset. Although the Marinid Toms are ruins, hiking up the hill to enjoy the scenic beauty and panoramic view of the Fez City creates memorable experiences.

The view from the hill above the medina creates enigmatic and enjoyable sunset. The Marinid Tombs are the best place for couples and friends to watch the sunset over the Fez medina, creating magical moments when watching the sun over the horizon. You will love the sky changing different colors.

Hassan II Mosque

Hassan II Mosque is the second-largest religious place in the world, built-in 1993. Although the Mosque does not have a significant history, people come here to relish the design, architecture, and grandness.

In addition, it has a 200 meters high minaret and 200 hectares of the prayer hall. The good news is that non-Muslims can visit the place and take a guided tour to explore the outdoor area. Many people come to this Mosque to watch the incredible sunset. Keep in mind that Non-Muslims can’t explore the Mosque’s interior.

Final Words

Morocco is one of the most visited countries in North Africa, with deserts, mountains, colorful bazaars, vibrant culture, oriental scents, camping grounds, sand dunes, and warm sunsets. Morocco offers something to everyone, including couples, families, children, and older adults. People of all ages and walks of life visit the country.

In addition to sunrise and sunset, Morocco has beautiful lush green valleys and forests. So, when you watch the sunset from the top of the mountain with green valleys in the base, you will love the experience. Watching the sunset in these places immerse you in the natural beauty, creating memorable experiences.

  • Article based on personal opinion, experience and research.
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